Who's next?

You'd think my muse would take a break now that I have finished Medea, but noooo. No sooner had I finished grafting, then she cranked up the ideas again. I thought I would turn next to Demeter and Persephone -- in fact I have ordered some yarn to be custom dyed for me from Kim of Woolen Rabbit. And that one will happen. But...

Wednesday as I was reading Answer to Job for my Jung Study Group, Eve lingered in my thoughts. And Thursday evening, as I was teaching my beaded lace class, I saw the yarn -- Dream in Color Baby in the perfect green


and thus was Eve's Temptation born.

I spent most of yesterday and today playing with possibilities. I want a stole, pointed on each end with a snake running the length in the center third of the stole. And somewhere in the middle, on either side of the snake, will be paired tree of life motifs. On each end will be a nice 8mm red bead, representing the apple. So I need to figure out the outer thirds and decide what motifs I want there. The snake was quite a challenge and I am knitting a big swatch now to see if I like it -- imagine a 48 stitch, 104 row repeat! 

You'll notice I redid the purchase button for Medea -- it took me a little while to figure out how to make it he way I wanted. Because, you know, my muse wanted me to knit not fiddle with html.

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