Wolf Moon

According to this site, the moon I see outside my window this evening is the Wolf Moon. 


It was fiercely cold here today -- the high was 14F but the wind chill hardly made it above 0F.  One of the other names for January's full moon, the Ice Moon, seems appropriate for us.

I've gotten the yarn for Arabian Nights all wound into a nice ball. Susan tells me the pattern should be here for me tomorrow sometime and the beads should arrive then too. Tonight I am going to swatch the yarn to see what needle size I like. I tend to use 3's or 4's with this weight yarn, but we'll see. Want to see the gorgeous yarn again? I knew you did so here it is --


Two more rows to go on Clue 3 of SSS. New clue comes out tomorrow but I won't start it. You have no idea what a novelty it will be for me to be faithful to Arabian Nights, forsaking all others until I finish it. A true test of my mettle!

One more moon picture


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