Yes, I am knitting

Remember weeks ago I started knitting the two lace cardigans from the Holiday Vogue? You probably don't but I don't blame you because I sort of forgot too. But for the past few days I have been working away at the lace coat, which I am knitting from two strands of a 50/50 merino/silk laceweight yarn from Colourmart. I am knitting it on a US 5 needle. But I can't knit on it for long as my hands start to hurt. There is something in the way I use my left hand with these larger needles that is different from when I use small needles and it makes for discomfort after a while. I am also a little worried that I won't have enough yarn even though I am making a cardigan not a coat. Anyway here is a progress picture --


I have actually done one more repeat since I took that picture. I love the pattern. If I end up without enough of this blue yarn, I will recycle it into a shawl and use some gorgeous purple DK weight that I have to make it. Or maybe I will do that anyway.

Spike and Moe watch from the comfort of their chair --


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