Yes, Medea is in Progress

Just so you know, I haven't set my own Medea stole aside. Oh no, I am knitting it from the very charts I have challenged my test knitters to use. And last night I discovered an error all by myself. I hope for the rate of progress on my stole to pick up this weekend. Here where I am on the second half--


I have told you about m love for these 11/0 beads and he mixes I have found. And I keep playing with trying to photograph them. I think these turned out reasonably well -- at least they give you an idea --

this is the mix I am using with Dayflower:


And this that I got to use with some navy blue cashwool-


Today again started out foggy, even foggier than yesterday --

        JUly 2

so foggy that wisps of fog came in the window! 

But when I went outside 3 hours later, look --


the sun is out and the fog in retreat. It's a good thing that I love fog!

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