You can  keep the heat!

We don't do heat very well here in Maine. But most years we get a few days when the temperature goes to 90 or a little higher and the great wilt begins. And it doesn't end until our usual summer weather returns. That happened yesterday morning. I was sitting here talking with a patient when I felt the change. The wind direction changed from the south to the west and the humidity dropped rapidly from around 90% to 40%. It was still hot yesterday but that oppressive combo of heat and humidity was gone. And today, we have a delightful breeze and it is in the 70's. Can you hear the sighs of relief?

During the hot spell, the cats moved about the house flopping in one place and then another seeking cool. Roscoe chose windowsills:


Can you believe how much bigger he has gotten?

Our tomatoes aren't doing much but today tomatoes were in at Chase's. Chase's is a vegetarian restaurant and a greengrocer -- they own their own big organic farm. I called my husband as soon as I heard and he went right over to get some. Because I NEED tomatoes!


Oh and here is a look at Hydrangea -- coming along really well. It was too hot and sticky to knit for a couple of days this week, but I expect to make good progress again now.



Now I am going to eat some tomatoes -- with some salt, lime juice, and a dash of cayenne pepper. 

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