You didn't really think...

Just because I've shown only pictures of Eve lately, you didn't really think I'd become a monoproject knitter did you? Ha!

Yesterday I decided that I needed to start over again with that pretty pink cashmere/cotton yarn. I want to make something for a friend who uses a wheelchair and it occurred to me that something more circular might work better. So I cruised through the patterns in MMario Knits Yahoo group. And I decided I liked the sound of the Snowflake Peacock. I am doing the flat version and adding 11/0 beads. Here's where I am now --


I am using size 3 needles with this -- I know most of the folks knitting his patterns use much larger needles but I just can't make myself do it.

And here is something I have started in some cobweb weight cashmere/silk -- the color is called parrot:


Oh and here's another look at the little trees -


It's all politics all the time in my house for the next 2 days. I will be *so* glad when Wednesday comes! I love politics but I really am ready for it to be over for this year.

This morning out my window --


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