Policies & Guidelines

Following is an overview of policies and procedures regarding appointments, fees, cancellations, etc.

1. Cheryl Fuller, Ph.D. is a Jungian psychotherapist specializing in individual psychotherapy. Customarily once an agreement to work together has been made, patients make a commitment which may last from a few months to several years.

2. I do not offer emergency care, crisis intervention, court-mandated therapy, or case management services. I am available via email or telephone to established patients.

3. Full payment is expected for missed sessions and for sessions cancelled on short notice. This is a practical measure as patients contract for an available time slot which remains theirs until they leave therapy.

4. Fees are payable via PayPal. or by check at the time of the session. For those electing to work via telephone or Skype, a Paypal invoice is sent after each session or patients may elect to pay each month for the full month.

5. Patients electing to work via telephone will pay any long distance charges assessed by their carrier. Contact via Skype or FaceTime  is available.

6. Patients may email Cheryl between sessions. Limitations on use of email will be discussed as needed.

Social Media Policy

The proliferation of social media creates new issues for therapists and psychotherapy patients. Following is an outline of my policies related to use of social media. 

° Friending

I do not accept friend requests from current or former patients. This holds true on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I feel that adding clients as friends on these websites blurs the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. If you have questions about this, please feel free to bring them up when we meet and I’m happy to talk more about it.

° Twitter

I do not follow current or former clients on blogs or Twitter. If there are things you wish to share with me from your online life, I strongly encourage you to bring them into our sessions where we can process them together, during the therapy hour.

° Interacting via social media sites

Please do not use messaging on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to contact me. If you need to contact me between sessions, the best way to do so is by phone or direct email.

° Use of Search Engines

It is NOT a regular part of my practice to search for clients on Google or other search engines. 

° Email

If you choose to communicate with me by email, please be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of your and my Internet service providers. While it is unlikely that someone will be looking at these logs, they are, in theory, available to be read by the system administrator(s) of the Internet service provider. 

Thanks to Dr. Keely Kolmes for her permission to modify her form. Updated 3/8/2014

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